MFC New Album Coming 1/18/2019

There is a lot of talk in the industry about how the art of making music has been taken out of the hands of musicians and placed in the care of computer programmers and machines. There is plenty of evidence to support that, but there are some great exceptions to the

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Brooklyn Baby 2018

Old School Mix Brooklyn Baby
Brooklyn Baby 2018 (The Old School Mix) featuring Morris & Beanz Mothers Favorite Child Right there – a slick groove in the form of a woman created by the vibe of a borough in New York City . . . “She was from Brooklyn, Baby”. If ever a song could

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Beautiful Demon FREE Download

*Mothers Favorite Child – Beautiful Demon* The Paris Toon demo recording project, enigmatically titled, Beautiful Demon, is a portion of a life narrated by Morris Alan performed by Mothers Favorite Child.  MFC is and has always been a musical collective, whimsically constructed by intuition and nurtured by divine talent. This is

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Saeeda Wright Tell
Saeeda Wright brings her magnetic and passionate voice to the R&B/Soul music collective Mothers Favorite Child, in what can only be described as a mesmerizing experience. Their new single “Tell” produced by Paris Toon is the first release off their upcoming self titled album Mothers Favorite Child. For fans of R&B/Soul

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Saeeda Wright -Tell

Back stage with Prince
Vocalist Saeeda Wright joins the Mothers Favorite Child Collective.  New EP produced by Paris Toon is set to be released in March 2018 with single “Tell” dropping in February. Saeeda Wright: Whether singing on a grand stage, speaking to an eager crowd, or authoring stories through lyric, melody, and beyond,

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Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction to be releases by R&B/Soul Powerhouse Mothers Favorite Child  In exciting news R&B/Soul stars Paris Toon and Mothers Favorite Child reveal another aspect of their versatile ability with the release of “Law of Attraction”, love ballads with heart-touching introspective lyrics. Now Available on iTunes  Visionary producer and

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John Blackwell – Purple Funk

Dom Famularo Yaritza Blackwell
Get Purple Funk Now Available on iTunes I will honor my brother through our music and say a prayer for him and his family every time I fish, have a show or just feel his energy within me. Here is a photo of Dom Famularo, “Drumming’s Global Ambassador” and Yaritza

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Purple Funk Reaches #2 Billboard

Purple Funk reaches #2 Billboard Hot Singles Charts.   If Mothers Favorite Child are anything; comparing them to an elemental force wouldn’t be too far of a stretch. The R&B/Soul super group, brought together by acclaimed visionary producer Paris Toon, Mothers Child is known for blowing fans away during their

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Purple Funk Gear

purple funk mens hoodie
Mothers Favorite Child’s merchandise line is now available. Join our email list and get updated with our new products as they are entered into the store.   

Purple Funk Tribute To Prince

Prince Fans Rejoice!
 Mothers Favorite Child Featuring CeCe Peniston 
Release “Purple Funk” Single Who loves real music and doesn’t miss Prince? R&B/Soul Powerhouse Mothers Favorite Child certainly do! They are going to honor his work in the best of ways – with new, fierce and sexy sounds that will set

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