Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction to be releases by R&B/Soul Powerhouse Mothers Favorite Child

law of attraction

MFC Law of Attraction

In exciting news R&B/Soul stars Paris Toon and Mothers Favorite Child reveal another aspect of their versatile ability with the release of “Law of Attraction”, love ballads with heart-touching introspective lyrics.

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Visionary producer and song writer Paris Toon and Mothers Favorite Child have a well earned reputation for setting dance floors on fire with their soulful high energy R&B/Soul that calls back to their roots playing alongside of the true “A-list” of the music industry. That passion and ability have come together in their latest release the love songs “Law of Attraction”, dripping with raw honesty and sure to be a new favorite. The surprise ballad shows a vulnerable side of Paris Toon, shining a light on just how deep the songwriters abilities stretch.

“I recently decided to share some of my ballads and more introspective work, and I’m glad I have,” commented Toon, the mastermind in bringing together the R&B/Soul super collective. “While our fans are used to a certain higher energy sound from us, it’s wonderful to see they also appreciate when we explore other styles with Mothers Favorite Child. The response has been very encouraging and it brings a whole new facet to our live shows.”

In addition to producer Paris Toon, who brought Mothers Favorite Child together, other superstars in the A-list lineup performing on Law of Attraction include Billboard charting and award winning artists like CeCe Peniston, Tanya Tiet and Vaughn Willis, to name just a few.

Don’t miss out on Mothers Favorite Child exploring the lighter and darker sides of love on “Law of Attraction”, it’s living proof that amazing R&B/Soul is very much.

1. L.O.A/ The Gift fea. Morris Alan
2. Straitjacket Crazy fea. Tanya Tiet
3. Ordinary Man fea. Cree Turner
4. Death of a SoulMaTe
5. Sick fea. CeCe Peniston
6. Who Are You? fea. Vaughn Willis
7.  Supplication, Meditation, Tritation (S.M.T)
8. That Place (fea. Tanya Tiet)
9. Namaste (You)


Paris and Vaughn

Paris Toon & Vaughn Willis Create A Classic

Paris Toon & Vaughn Willis Create A Classic

Who Are You? Reaches #4 on the Billboard Hot Singles Charts 

The majority of music producers are content to sit in the shadows and use their technical expertise to put their signature sound on the music they deliver. They can recognize where a particular style or sound can be improved, meaning that the finished article always comes off sounding totally polished and professional. A producer can make or break the music that he works with, which may help explain why Paris Toon likes to have a few more fingers in the creative pie. Not content with just producing great music, he also delivers lyrics that are real and aimed straight at the heart.

Paris and Vaughn

Paris Toon and Vaughn Willis

It is for this reason that Paris Toon is viewed as more than just one of the best up and coming music producers in the industry right now. There are also many that see him as a dual threat, with his lyrics also being ranked among the best of what’s out there right now. If you need a perfect example of the kind of emotion that Paris Toon can put into words, you need to take a listen to “Who Are You,” which features the sweet, soulful sound that is the voice of Vaughn Willis. The combination of Willis and Toon was one that reaped major benefits, as Who Are You was able to make it all the way to number 4 on the Billboard charts. The vocals combined with the heartbreaking lyrics penned by Paris Toon are what made this song such a break-out hit, as it can easily be described as heartbreak and loss described in under 5 minutes. You will hear this song and feel the pain contained in those lyrics, yet you will also be left with an uplifting feeling, as Paris Toon’s words make it clear that this is a song about moving on, as well as about the loss that brought the pain in the first place.

The song starts out by letting the listener know that while the theme of the song is about love lost, it’s also about putting it in the past. This is perfectly summed up by Paris with these words:

This will be the last song
I ever dedicate to you
Because truth is
You are not worth
The ink, the paper
Or my breath

The chorus of the song speaks to how badly the relationship went, followed by a second verse that really opens up about the details and pain delivered in the relationship. It is heartbreaking, as you are left feeling real pity for the person that had to go through that. Just as you are about to lose hope, the song finishes on a positive note, with the brilliant lyrics letting you know that moving on and finding real love is the next step.

What makes “Who Are You” so powerful is that it contains feeling and emotions that we have all felt when losing a love. The hurt, the anger, and the healing are all to be found within the words of the song, clearly showing why Paris Toon is a lyricist to be reckoned with and we look forward to the upcomg album Law of Attraction Volume 1.  due out Summer 2017.


MFC Dedicates Purple Funk To Prince

July 7, 2017

Prince Fans Rejoice!

Mothers Favorite Child Featuring CeCe Peniston “Purple Funk” Maxi Single

Origin_7Who loves real music and doesn’t miss Prince? R&B/Soul Powerhouse Mothers Favorite Child certainly do! They are going to honor his work in the best of ways – with new, fierce and sexy sounds that will set a dance floor on fire.  Enter their new single “Purple Funk.”  

If Mothers Favorite Child are anything; comparing them to an elemental force wouldn’t be too far of a stretch.  The R&B/Soul super group, brought together by acclaimed visionary producer Paris Toon, Mothers Child is known for blowing fans away during their live performances, as well as, climbing the Billboard charts. Their new single is something remarkably special. “Purple Funk” is a shout out to one of the greatest performers of all time… Prince. Paris Toon & Mothers Favorite Child featuring CeCe Peniston poured all their love for the musical icon into this new single, which will quickly become a fan favorite.

PROMO“This song is dedicated to Prince and my dear friend John Blackwell (Prince’s drummer),” commented Toon. “I wrote and produced this song to show where my inspiration for music first came from. I wanted to create something that Prince would give me a thumbs up on and when John told me he would have loved the track that was all I the validation I needed.”

If that inspiration was not enough, adding the undisputed “Queen of House Music” CeCe Peniston to the track was the icing on the cake. You can be sure this funky, dance jam is going to be heard everywhere – including the EDM scene that adores CeCe as much as anyone.

The new single features the bonus track “Wish,” which offers a heavier edge calling back to the funk of the 70s and icons like Chaka Khan. Many will be surprised to see the versatility that CeCe delivers.  

Purple_Funk_MFC_CeCe_Peniston_72dpi“CeCe is an artist’s artist and true living legend,” says Toon. “Purple Funk will showcase her talent in a phenomenal, new way.” With Purple Funk, Paris Toon & Mothers Favorite Child are letting the world know that R&B, Funk and Soul are alive and well in the 21st century.

Purple Funk will be available on iTunes, Amazon and everywhere else great music is sold.

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New Single OOOH…

AVAILABLE ON ITUNES November 11, 2016

14666049_10153818984211498_3106008677900698443_nThere is a lot of talk in the industry about how the art of making music has been taken out of the hands of musicians and placed in the care of computer programmers and machines. There is plenty of evidence to support that, but there are some great exceptions to the rule. Paris Toon and his musical collective, Mothers Favorite Child, earned exceptional status by proving, as their most-respected predecessors did, that the use of traditional instruments can create a more soulful sound than you can get by simply triggering computer generated sonance. The proof is prominent in the new Mothers Favorite Child album, 11:11.

Mothers Favorite Child’s music is a celebration of times of past, but don’t make the mistake of believing that this is nothing more than a nostalgia project. The songs on 11:11 album should be considered as tracks that are listenable as opposed to disposable. This project is all about integrity, a theme that is present throughout the album, and how music across all genres needs to get back to its roots if it is to truly survive. Toon’s lyrical tapestry in the song, “Vanilla Cookie”, brings into focus his dismayed feelings about the current state of the industry while the entire composition effectively transfers the message within a mood.

It’s often said that what is old will become new again, but that really only happens when the listener finds the soul of the artist embedded in the music. This is a natural occurrence for Paris Toon, who was inspired by many of the R&B, Funk and Soul greats of the past, which prompted him to devote a large part of his artistic life to ensuring that the old school sound is one that never goes out of style.

“OOOH…” the new album’s first single is a straight up funk and groove number that features the soulfully, syncopated vocal performance of Tanya Tiet. The first few bars from the live band upshift from the start as Tiet takes the wheel, rhythmically driving Paris’s lyrics directly into the psyche with an impressive finesse.

It only escalates from there as the accompanying tracks on the 11:11 album not only reinforce the philosophy behind the use of organic sounds but turn corners, entering spaces where the wildly imaginative mind of Paris Toon runs rampant. Tracks like “Crop Cirlces” and “Bipolar Love” bend the bones of pioneered sound like sunlight through a prism, reflecting the anomalous future of a pensive, old soul. This is the kind of creativity and sonic discipline that seems to be missing in much modern music, which may explain why Paris Toon is making waves on the charts.

The charting positions of Mothers Favorite Child’s music have propagated an audience that is eager to revisit the times when music felt real and not fabricated; a time when one could stand on a groove without the fear of it collapsing beneath. It seems that many are putting their faith in Paris Toon and Mothers Favorite Child to deliver truth in sound. The 11:11 album, set for release on November 11, 2017 and is expected to be the very thing that revives the believer in all of us.

Nik West You

Nik West – YOU

Any true fusion in music requires respect for every genre used and a “why not?” attitude.

Nik West’s “You” featuring Mothers Favorite Child off the EP “Say Something” is nothing short of amazing. This song is gentle and strong at the same time. The live instrumentation, lyrical content, real strings, sonic quality of the production make this song like no other out there today in the r&b genre. Her voice will give you chills and Kenny Brown’s guitar solo was so empowering. I felt every emotion in the production and performance as I listened to it. The lyrics and melody work so perfectly together. I am absolutely astounded at the amount of talent this young woman has and combined with Paris Toon’s writing and production skills I expect it will take her very far.