Paris Toon & Vaughn Willis Create A Classic

Paris Toon & Vaughn Willis Create A Classic

Who Are You? Reaches #4 on the Billboard Hot Singles Charts 

The majority of music producers are content to sit in the shadows and use their technical expertise to put their signature sound on the music they deliver. They can recognize where a particular style or sound can be improved, meaning that the finished article always comes off sounding totally polished and professional. A producer can make or break the music that he works with, which may help explain why Paris Toon likes to have a few more fingers in the creative pie. Not content with just producing great music, he also delivers lyrics that are real and aimed straight at the heart.

It is for this reason that Paris Toon is viewed as more than just one of the best up and coming music producers in the industry right now. There are also many that see him as a dual threat, with his lyrics also being ranked among the best of what’s out there right now. If you need a perfect example of the kind of emotion that Paris Toon can put into words, you need to take a listen to “Who Are You,” which features the sweet, soulful sound that is the voice of Vaughn Willis. The combination of Willis and Toon was one that reaped major benefits, as Who Are You was able to make it all the way to number 4 on the Billboard charts. The vocals combined with the heartbreaking lyrics penned by Paris Toon are what made this song such a break-out hit, as it can easily be described as heartbreak and loss described in under 5 minutes. You will hear this song and feel the pain contained in those lyrics, yet you will also be left with an uplifting feeling, as Paris Toon’s words make it clear that this is a song about moving on, as well as about the loss that brought the pain in the first place.

The song starts out by letting the listener know that while the theme of the song is about love lost, it’s also about putting it in the past. This is perfectly summed up by Paris with these words:

This will be the last song
I ever dedicate to you
Because truth is
You are not worth
The ink, the paper
Or my breath

The chorus of the song speaks to how badly the relationship went, followed by a second verse that really opens up about the details and pain delivered in the relationship. It is heartbreaking, as you are left feeling real pity for the person that had to go through that. Just as you are about to lose hope, the song finishes on a positive note, with the brilliant lyrics letting you know that moving on and finding real love is the next step.

What makes “Who Are You” so powerful is that it contains feeling and emotions that we have all felt when losing a love. The hurt, the anger, and the healing are all to be found within the words of the song, clearly showing why Paris Toon is a lyricist to be reckoned with and we look forward to the upcoming album Law of Attraction Volume 1.  due out Summer 2017.