AVAILABLE ON ITUNES November 11, 2016

14666049_10153818984211498_3106008677900698443_nThere is a lot of talk in the industry about how the art of making music has been taken out of the hands of musicians and placed in the care of computer programmers and machines. There is plenty of evidence to support that, but there are some great exceptions to the rule. Paris Toon and his musical collective, Mothers Favorite Child, earned exceptional status by proving, as their most-respected predecessors did, that the use of traditional instruments can create a more soulful sound than you can get by simply triggering computer generated sonance. The proof is prominent in the new Mothers Favorite Child album, 11:11.

Mothers Favorite Child’s music is a celebration of times of past, but don’t make the mistake of believing that this is nothing more than a nostalgia project. The songs on 11:11 album should be considered as tracks that are listenable as opposed to disposable. This project is all about integrity, a theme that is present throughout the album, and how music across all genres needs to get back to its roots if it is to truly survive. Toon’s lyrical tapestry in the song, “Vanilla Cookie”, brings into focus his dismayed feelings about the current state of the industry while the entire composition effectively transfers the message within a mood.

It’s often said that what is old will become new again, but that really only happens when the listener finds the soul of the artist embedded in the music. This is a natural occurrence for Paris Toon, who was inspired by many of the R&B, Funk and Soul greats of the past, which prompted him to devote a large part of his artistic life to ensuring that the old school sound is one that never goes out of style.

“OOOH…” the new album’s first single is a straight up funk and groove number that features the soulfully, syncopated vocal performance of Tanya Tiet. The first few bars from the live band upshift from the start as Tiet takes the wheel, rhythmically driving Paris’s lyrics directly into the psyche with an impressive finesse.

It only escalates from there as the accompanying tracks on the 11:11 album not only reinforce the philosophy behind the use of organic sounds but turn corners, entering spaces where the wildly imaginative mind of Paris Toon runs rampant. Tracks like “Crop Cirlces” and “Bipolar Love” bend the bones of pioneered sound like sunlight through a prism, reflecting the anomalous future of a pensive, old soul. This is the kind of creativity and sonic discipline that seems to be missing in much modern music, which may explain why Paris Toon is making waves on the charts.

The charting positions of Mothers Favorite Child’s music have propagated an audience that is eager to revisit the times when music felt real and not fabricated; a time when one could stand on a groove without the fear of it collapsing beneath. It seems that many are putting their faith in Paris Toon and Mothers Favorite Child to deliver truth in sound. The 11:11 album, set for release on November 11, 2017 and is expected to be the very thing that revives the believer in all of us.