Mothers Favorite Child The Album

Mothers Favorite Child

There are no musical boundaries and there will be no apologies for what has transpired beneath the surface of the proverbial “scene”. Coming up from the “UN-scene” is a new spirit of Alternative Jazz Funk and Soul. Welcome, to Mothers Favorite Child’s self entitled album.  An organic jazz and funk-flavored attitude matched with a thick, sticky groove.

Executive Producer Kent Phillips, Paris Toon
Produced by Paris Toon and Mothers Favorite Child
Lyrics by Paris Toon
Songwriters: P. Anderson, D. Cooke, R. Eckroth, K. Newton, A. Michaels, T. Thillet, P. Toon

Musicians: Paul Anderson, Ted Belledin, Wynston Byrd, Tyrone Chase, Danielle Cooke, Miles Dalto, Dowell Davis, Roger Dryer, Rachel Eckroth, Jose Gonzales, Ashley Jayy, Alex Kyhn, Adrian Michaels, Kyle Monitor, Farnell Newton, Keith Newton, Dan Petrosino, Deven Reed, Tanya Tiet, Saeeda Wright


  1. War w/ Cupid (featuring Saeeda Wright)
  2. Until Now featuring Saeeda Wright and Morris Alan)
  3. Best of Me (feat. Saeeda Wright)
  4. Vanilla Cookie (feat. Saeeda Wright)
  5. Tell feat. Saeeda Wright
  6. Three Pillows (featurning Saeeda Wright)
  7. Cocktail Addict
  8. Never (featuring Saeeda Wright)
  9. Tell (featuring Saeeda Wright)
  10. Fat Bottom Lip (featuring Ted Belledin)

All Songs Recorded at Desert Rock Studios.

Engineers: Brance Blair, Kolton Lee, Kent Phillips, Paris Toon