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MFC Law of Attraction


law of attraction

MFC Law of Attraction

In exciting news R&B/Soul stars Paris Toon and Mothers Favorite Child reveal another aspect of their versatile ability with the release of “Law of Attraction”, love ballads with heart-touching introspective lyrics.

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Visionary producer and song writer Paris Toon and Mothers Favorite Child have a well earned reputation for setting dance floors on fire with their soulful high energy R&B/Soul that calls back to their roots playing alongside of the true “A-list” of the music industry. That passion and ability have come together in their latest release the love songs “Law of Attraction”, dripping with raw honesty and sure to be a new favorite. The surprise ballad shows a vulnerable side of Paris Toon, shining a light on just how deep the songwriters abilities stretch.

“I recently decided to share some of my ballads and more introspective work, and I’m glad I have,” commented Toon, the mastermind in bringing together the R&B/Soul super collective. “While our fans are used to a certain higher energy sound from us, it’s wonderful to see they also appreciate when we explore other styles with Mothers Favorite Child. The response has been very encouraging and it brings a whole new facet to our live shows.”

In addition to producer Paris Toon, who brought Mothers Favorite Child together, other superstars in the A-list lineup performing on Law of Attraction include Billboard charting and award winning artists like CeCe Peniston, Tanya Tiet and Vaughn Willis, to name just a few.


Don’t miss out on Mothers Favorite Child exploring the lighter and darker sides of love on “Law of Attraction”, it’s living proof that amazing R&B/Soul is very much.


1. L.O.A/ The Gift fea. Morris Alan
2. Straitjacket Crazy fea. Tanya Tiet
3. Ordinary Man fea. Cree Turner
4. Death of a SoulMaTe
5. Sick fea. CeCe Peniston
6. Who Are You? fea. Vaughn Willis
7.  Supplication, Meditation, Tritation (S.M.T)
8. That Place (fea. Tanya Tiet)
9. Namaste (You)