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June 25, 2022 June 25, 2022
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BAPTISM BY FIRE : Ten Year Anniversary. 

*Mothers Favorite Child – “BAPTISM X” Album Release

Digitally remixed and remastered *

After ten years, the Mothers Favorite Child (MFC) recording project titled “Baptism by Fire” is being resurrected for new ears, new minds and new hearts to enjoy. Originally released in 2012 as a mixtape demo, it is finally being given the remix it truly deserves. 

“With this being the ten year anniversary and the pandemic providing me with the free-time, not to mention the countless requests over the years, I felt pulled to re-release it with the sound I originally intended for it” 

Producer/Composer/Lyricist- Paris Toon

MFC has always been a musical collective whimsically constructed by intuition and  nurtured by divine talent. Exposing truth through sounds and words is the mission; Minors and majors, raucous and romantic, soulful and spiritual, the man behind the music coexists with this ideal in perfect harmony. When the time comes to gather new musicians Paris Toon, an accomplished producer, lyricist, composer and the driving force behind MFC has ritualistically relied on “that gut feeling” to aid in the birth of new songs. His methods of madness have rarely been observed until now. With MFC being a product of said madness, it was only natural that it’s musicians and vocalists would be chosen based on their ability to interpret the soundtrack of Paris’ more deeply shaded thoughts. 

The angel you hear behind Baptism by Fire is the  late Morris Alan. A gifted soul who made his transition September 4th, 2015. After his passing, this project sat on hard drives in Paris’ vault. 

“You can’t look at the letters in Mothers Favorite Child without acknowledging that Morris’ name helps spell it”. – Paris Toon

Through the grieving process Paris realized he could not re-release the songs without providing them with all of the time, energy, love and respect they deserved. As a result, the music that forms this project revolves around the mother of all emotions…Love. As many individuals have experienced, love is like the water of this planet. It fuels many other emotions and creates channels to a variety of sensations. It takes on many forms and shapes which leaves it vulnerable to misinterpretation. Lust, admiration, mistrust, honesty and intensity are only a few docks along the river of the human soul. Water may be cleansing but sometimes we really find our innermost self after all  the ash settles. This body of work is a true “Baptism by Fire” by the beautiful demons that have at one time or another surrounded us all.

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