Mothers Favorite Child


Mothers Favorite Child (MFC) is arguably the poster child for all extraordinaire bands. Throw in the music enigma and award-winning producer/lyricist, Paris Toon, and the Jazz, R&B, and Soul band Mothers Favorite Child becomes exceptionally epic. R&B/Soul music has remarkably transformed, thanks to Mothers Favorite Child Soul band and Paris Toon – the genius lyricists, behind the success of the band, with a writing style that is amazingly enviable.

Biography: Since its inception, Mothers Favorite Child has commendably become an extraordinary Soul band that has globally achieved more than one million downloads and streams in various websites across the Internet. Put another way, having numerously scooped the top spot on Internet streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, Mothers Favorite Child represents, indisputably, the best of what true music for the has to offer.

Each of their featured songs, off their albums have once topped or rather, successfully secured a top spot in the Billboard Charts and every Internet top 40 Jazz/R&B/Soul music charts in each of their respective genres. The highly rated group has great influences from Prince to Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters, Chaka Khan, Sly Stone and even Stevie Wonder. This brilliant musical project simply captivates and offers plenty of music energy.

Billboard Charting Music

“Purple Funk” “Who Are You” and “Never” have all hit the billboard charts, thanks to Paris Toon writing mastery of award winning lyrics and remarkable music producing skills.

Mothers Favorite Child have been seen in Music Festivals around the world.




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